Dr. Huub Meijers

Affiliated researcher

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Huub Meijers is a senior researcher at MERIT. His research interests focus on macro-economics, more specifically the modelling of technological change and economic growth; vintage modelling, the diffusion of new technologies; labour market issues; and the Information Society. He obtained his PhD in 1994, which dealt with the introduction of diffusion of new technologies within a putty-clay vintage framework. Huub Meijers is currently is working on topics concerning the Information Society. This includes research on the implications of new information and communication technologies on statistics and on the way statistical information is collected and assimilated. The main theme however is the relation between ICT investments and productivity growth. Huub Meijers is also the programme coordinator of the Infonomics Bachelors and Masters programme at the faculty of economics and business at the University Maastricht.

Next to research and teaching in economics, he also teaches computer programming in php and practices these skills on a neighbourhood website

Selected publications by Huub Meijers