Mohammad Khalaf M.A.


Research group(s):
6. Migration and Development

Mohammad Khalaf is a researcher within the Migration and Development Research Group at UNU-MERIT. Mohammad holds a M.A. in Media Studies from Maastricht University FASOS. In his thesis, Mohammad addressed the impact of telepresence technologies and social media platforms on the place attachment of Syrian refugees in the Netherlands. The study touched upon other aspects of refugees’ life including integration. After his studies at Maastricht University, Mohammad joined UNU-MERIT where he was involved in the Syrian Diaspora project with the Danish Refugee Council, a project on fluctuations in migration flows on the Balkan’s route (commissioned by the WODC) and the Out Of School Children Project in Jordan (UNICEF).

Mohammad is an Arabic/English sworn legal translator and interpreter since 2008, and he worked with the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) in Syria for 11 years, where he carried out different tasks and positions, such as a Public Information Officer deputy and Interpreter for UNRWA’s Front Office. He volunteered as an Interpreter with refugee NGOs in the Maastricht area and taught translation and interpretation techniques in third level educational institutions in Maastricht. His main areas of interest are migration studies, particularly education and integration.

Selected publications by Mohammad Khalaf