Nasrat Sayed


Research group(s):
6. Migration and Development

Nasrat Sayed is a researcher within the Migration and Development Research Group at Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT. Nasrat holds an MSc in International Cooperation Policy with specialisation in Development Economics from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Japan, and an MSc in Public Policy and Human Development with specialisation in Social Protection Policy and Migration Studies from Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands. After graduating, Nasrat joined the Migration and Development Research Group at UNU-MERIT where he was involved in different projects: the mapping and study of Afghan diaspora (DRC), the mapping and study of Pakistani diaspora (GIZ), Connecting Diaspora for Development (IOM), and a project on fluctuations in migration flows on the Balkan route (WODC).

Prior to joining Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT, Nasrat was working in Afghanistan as a researcher with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA). In the Netherlands, he worked as a volunteer with the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) and SPARK. His main research interests include: development economics, foreign aid, rural development, anti-corruption, refugee integration, migration and diaspora studies, social protection, and open innovation.