Philip Hines


Philip Hines is PhD fellow at UNU-MERIT (United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology).

He currently works as a National Expert on Secondment at the European Medicines Agency in their Regulatory Science Strategy division, aiding their regulatory science and horizon scanning efforts.

Having a scientific background but working on European policy, he has worked to improve this interface in NGO’s, think tanks and the public sector. In particular, he is interested in science diplomacy, horizon scanning for innovation and the EU’s institutional governance of scientific advice.

He holds an MSc in European Public Health from Maastricht University and a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of East Anglia. He is also an alumna from the University of Calgary, Canada.

Selected publications by Philip Hines

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Orellana García, Laura Patricia, Falk Ehmann, Philip Hines, Armin Ritzhaupt & Angela Brand, 2021, Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics—A Review of Medicinal Products Approved by the European Medicines Agency, Frontiers in Medicine, 8, DOI: 10.3389/fmed.2021.753187, More information
Hines, Philip, Li Hiu Yu, Richard H. Guy, Angela Brand & Marisa Papaluca-Amati, 2019, Scanning the horizon: a systematic literature review of methodologies, BMJ Open, 9(5), DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026764, More information
Hines, Philip, Richard H. Guy, Anthony J. Humphreys & Marisa Papaluca-Amati, 2019, The European Medicines Agency’s goals for regulatory science to 2025, Nature Reviews Drug discovery, 18: 403-404, DOI: 10.1038/d41573-019-00071-2, More information