Anthony Riboni

PhD fellow

My name is Gil Riboni. I am a PhD fellow in the GPAC2 program. Originally from Los Angeles, USA, I worked 21 yrs for the US government and retired in February 2016. I currently dedicate my time to myself and my wife, enjoying a calmer existence after my long career. I am pursing a PhD purely for myself, accepting the challenges and dedication required to accomplish this feat.

My proposal topic is: How does conscription affect the perception of social integration and overall perception of social cohesion in Finland’s population?

This topic fits within the parameters of Governance and Policy, as it seeks to identify how the government imposed policy of conscription, or mandatory military service, effects the population's perceptions of social cohesion within the country and the perception of social integration for those that either are prevented from fulfilling their service or who have come from abroad and are still required to fulfill their service, as examples. The bringing together of youth, mainly males, from throughout Finland provides for an environment where the exchange of ideas about their country and the world can occur. It is through this exchange that the socialisation process continues to develop within these youths and where the impact of these ideas can shape the views of these conscripts for the rest of their lives. As the focus in predominantly on the current state of conscription's effects on perceptions, there is likely a link to ICT, as the male-dominated conscription intakes are utilising ICT to voice their views and their attitudes about their activities in a manner that allows for some anonymity. It is also in this domain that perceptions of 'others' can ascertained and studied.