Wendy Hansen

Senior researcher

Research group(s):
4. Governance and institutions

Wendy Hansen studied sociology at Carleton University in Canada and joined Statistics Canada's Postsecondary Education Projections/Analyses Section. In the fall of 1988, she moved to Industry Canada where she has been a Senior Policy Analyst, Industry and Science Policy. Wendy joined UNU-MERIT as a Senior Research Associate in May 1997 to continue her research on knowledge workers. Her research focuses on knowledge workers, in particular scientists and engineers, and falls in a range of S&T policy issues as well as Information Society. Her research addresses the change in the skill base of the labour force, including the development of new measures for linkages between knowledge workers and technological change, as well as more specific measures of human capital in a digitised society.


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Recent reports

The Brain-Drain - Emigration Flows for Qualified Scientists
February 2004

Radio Netherlands interview on East-West brain drain

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