Dr. Aline Meysonnat

Affiliated Researcher

Aline Meysonnat joined UNU-MERIT as a research fellow in January 2017.  She holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D in economics from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her research interests lie broadly in development economics, economic growth and poverty reduction. Recently, her work focused on gender inequality and women empowerment. Her research methods include both mathematical modelling and empirical research.

At UNU-MERIT, Aline was involved in a large-scale research project on women and youth empowerment  in Tunisia together with the University of Passau, funded by the ILO and IFAD. In addition she has served as a consultant for the World Bank, UNICEF and WFP to advise on various policy issues such as the distributional impact of energy tariff reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic (World Bank), the macroeconomic drivers of child marriage in South Asia (UNICEF)  and the linkages and complementarities of social protection in Kenya (UNICEF, WFP).

As of October 2018, Aline joined the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (EPAR) at the University of Washington as a research associate.

Currently, she works on projects related to gender inequality and women empowerment in agriculture.