Fatai Adegboye

PhD fellow

Fatai has an accounting background with multiple fellows from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, United Kingdom, Institute of Chartered Bankers of Nigeria and obtained Master Degree in Information Sciences from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His thesis entitled “Assessing the Market Viability of Accounting Information Products to Nigeria Small and Medium Size Businesses (1993)” examined the usefulness of accounting information products in a growing economy. He also published an article titled “Judicious Funds Mobilization as a Hedge against Corporate Failure (1997) in the Journal of Association of Bankers, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

He is a GPAC² fellow at UNU-MERIT / School of Governance with research interest in in-kind food and cash-based transfer. His research topic is “Pushing the Boundaries Beyond Refugee’s Household Food Security Using Cash Transfer Tools”. He is examining effectiveness of cash-based transfer on refugees, the spill-over effect on refugees’ hosting community and creation of employment.

He has passion for humanitarian work to serve the vulnerable and neediest group of our society particularly on food assistance. Fatai has worked in Africa, Europe and now in the Middle East working for the United Nations World Food Programme. He is currently in Yemen and holds a position of a Deputy Country Director, Support Services with responsibility for Finance, Information Systems, Telecommunication, Administration and Human Resources. His current interest is in Cash-based Transfer which he thinks could lift people out of hunger and poverty as the world looks towards actualization of MDG 2030.

Fatai currently live and work in Sana’a, Yemen. He is married with five children.

Selected publications by Fatai Adegboye