Dr. Victor Osei Kwadwo


Research group(s):
4. Governance and institutions

Victor Osei Kwadwo, is a governance and institutional development specialist with extensive experience researching and working in urban planning, multilevel governance, economics, and public policy. Currently, he coordinates and teaches the MSc Public Policy course at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. Victor’s current research focuses on urban governance. Specifically, he explores how inter-local government cooperation can leverage developmental issues amidst rapid urbanisation, especially in the developing world

Outside academia, Victor has worked in the field of governance in six different countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, Tanzania, Zambia, Liberia and recently Cote d'Ivoire as a researcher and as an urban governance consultant. He worked as a Development Planning Officer at the Accra Metropolitan and Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Assemblies in Ghana and has been engaged as a governance consultant with several organisations including, the World Bank (USA), Castalia (USA), the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) (Ghana), Center for Democratic Governance (Ghana), PSS Urbania (Ghana) and KCITY (Italy). 

Selected publications by Victor Osei Kwadwo