Dr. Beatriz Calzada Olvera

Affiliated researcher

Research group(s):
2. Structural Change and Economic Development
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Beatriz Calzada Olvera is currently an economics researcher and lecturer at the Erasmus University Rotterdam - Institute for Housing and Urban Development and an affiliated researcher at UNU-MERIT. She obtained her PhD in Economics and Policy Studies from Technical Change from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics/UNU-MERIT in 2022. Her doctoral dissertation examined the relationship between natural resources (i.e. energy and mining commodities) and structural change.

She works on issues of innovation, global value chains, international trade, and productivity, with a special focus on Latin America. Besides these topics, her interests include broad (sustainable) economic development issues, such as inequality and economic resilience. Her work experience includes consultancy projects for international organizations, such as GIZ and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Selected publications by Beatriz Calzada Olvera