Dr. Simone Sasso

Affiliated researcher

Research group(s):
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation
4. Governance and institutions
6. Migration and Development

Simone Sasso is an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division) in Washington DC, USA. He holds a PhD in Economics and Policy Studies of Technical Change from UNU-MERIT and Maastricht University, a Master of Science in Local Economic Development from the London School of Economics, a Master of Science in Economics and Business from the University of Turin, and a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from the same institution. His research interests focus on innovation, human capital, (higher) education, and regional development. His doctoral thesis, supervised by Prof. Bart Verspagen and Prof. Jo Ritzen, investigated the impact of university graduates’ mobility on firm productivity, education-job matching, and scientific collaborations.

Simone has several years of professional experience working as a researcher and consultant on innovation, (higher) education, and regional development issues. He worked for more than 3 years at the ILO where he was involved in the design and delivery of training courses for policymakers as well as on an impact assessment of a local economic development project in Nepal. While developing his PhD thesis, Simone worked at the European Commission (Directorate of Industrial Innovation) focusing on human capital mobility and innovation. From 2013 to 2015 he worked for the foundation Empower European Universities where he analysed European higher education policies and their relationship with university performances and economic growth.  For the UNIDO Industrial Development Report 2016, he investigated the role of FDI and technology spillovers in low and middle-income countries. More recently, Simone worked as a researcher for IZA on human capital, skills, and productivity.

Selected publications by Simone Sasso

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Sasso, Simone & Jo Ritzen, 2019, Sectoral cognitive skills, R&D, and productivity: a cross-country cross-sector analysis, Education Economics, 27(1): 35-51, DOI: 10.1080/09645292.2018.1515309, More information

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Jacob, Jojo & Simone Sasso, 2015, Foreign direct investment and technology spillovers in low and middle-income countries: A comparative cross-sectoral analysis, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2015-035

External working papers
Veen, Tom van, Alison Cathles, Ou Dongshu, Simone Sasso & Mary Setrana, 2018, Where Do You Come from, where Do You Go? Assessing Skills Gaps and LabourMarket Outcomes of Young Adults with Different Immigration Backgrounds, More information
Sasso, Simone & Jo Ritzen, 2016, Sectoral Cognitive Skills, R&D, and Productivity: A Cross-Country Cross-Sector Analysis, IZA Discussion Paper 10457, More information
Jacob, Jojo & Simone Sasso, 2015, Foreign direct investment and technology spillovers in low and middle-income countries: A comparative cross-sectoral analysis, UNIDO Working Paper Series 07|2015, More information
Ritzen, Jo, Gabriele Marconi & Simone Sasso, 2014, University Policy Needs To Beef Up For Europe To Be More Innovative, Empower European Universities, More information

Research reports
Hollanders, Hugo, Yannis Tolias, Nikola Radovanovic, Manuel Gonzalez Evangelista, Emanuele Fabbri, Elisa Gerussi, Simone Sasso & Michal Miedzinski, 2024, Measuring territorial innovation strengths, JRC Science for Policy Report, DOI: 10.2760/73871, More information
McGrath, Cecile, Julie Hofman, Lubica Bajzikova, Emma Harte, Anna Lasakova, Paulina Pankowska, Simone Sasso, Julie Bélanger, Silvia Florea & Jelena Krivograd, 2016, Governance and Adaptation to Innovative Modes of Higher Education Provision, Research report. Santa Monica, California: RAND Europe, More information
Sanditov, Bulat, Jojo Jacob, Alex Surpatean, René Wintjes, Simone Sasso & Ad Notten, 2015, Inventory of the patents and publications of FP7 projects in the field of ICT, The inventory includes data on 295 patents and 18,158 publications resulting from FP7 funded projects in the field of ICT (ICT theme within Cooperation Programme and eInfrastructures within Capacities Programme), More information
Jacob, Jojo, Bulat Sanditov, René Wintjes, Alex Surpatean, Simone Sasso, Ad Notten & Evgueni Smirnov, 2014, Analysis of publications and patents of ICT research in FP7, Funded by the European Commission - DG CONNECT (SMART 2011/0039), More information

Sasso, Simone, 2018, Talent on the move. Essays on human capital, graduate mobility and economic development, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University