Nordine Es-Sadki


Research group(s):
5. Innovation Systems Indicators and Policy

Nordine Es-Sadki joined UNU-MERIT as a researcher in January 2011. He obtained his bachelor degree in economics from Maastricht University in 2009. In 2010 he obtained his master degree in economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam with distinction. He has been working part-time during his studies as a economics teacher at several secondary schools and currently works part-time at a lyceum in Maastricht. He currently works on the following EU commissioned research projects:

European Innovation Scoreboard 2016 - 2017
The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is an instrument of the European Commission, developed under the Lisbon Strategy and revised after the adoption of the Europe2020 Strategy to provide a comparative assessment of the innovation performance of EU Member States. It forms a comprehensive benchmarking and monitoring system of research and innovation trends and activities in Europe. It is commissioned by the European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs .

Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2016 - 2017
The Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) is based on the methodology of the IUS and provides a comparative assessment of how European regions perform with regard to innovation. It is commissioned by the European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs .

Preparation of the CIS 2018
The CIS based innovation statistics are part of the EU science and technology statistics. Surveys are carried out with two years' frequency by EU member states and a number of ESS member countries. It is commissioned by the European Commission, DG Eurostat.

Study on technology transfer agreements

Study on the overall approach and on the appropriate methodology to address the overarching question of how the technology market is functioning from the perspective of mostly smaller stakeholders and based on the relevant information gathered from these stakeholders to draw up a set of recommendations on how the framework conditions, regulatory environment and practices, including those based on national and European legislation, could be improved.


Selected publications by Nordine Es-Sadki