Dr. Sach Wry PhD, MSc, MBA, B.Tech.

Affiliated researcher

Research group(s):
5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Transitions
4. Governance and institutions

In his pre-doctoral background, Sach earned an M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, taught jointly at Lund University, Sweden, Central European University, Hungary, Manchester University, U.K., and University of the Aegean, Greece. His education also includes a master's in Business Management, in turn preceded by a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. He has had professional experience working as Policy Analyst with the Ministry of Environment in New Delhi. At Maastricht, he has taught core policy courses to diverse undergrad and graduate classes. In India, he has designed and delivered innovative courses at young Liberal Arts colleges across a range of subjects from Economic History to a nuanced empirical examination of Global Trade besides a course tailored for civil servants at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

As of 2020, he is on an extended sabbatical working on a book of essays that analogize components of nature and the economy, environmental policy being the one field where the two global systems most consistently interface.

He also writes a newsletter, Elite Scotoma (link in the sidebar), a critique of top global journalism with a wonkish perspective from the Global South, with a separate section for related interdisciplinary research questions for graduate students.