Dr. Mehmet Guney Celbis

Affiliated researcher

Güney Celbis is an affiliated researcher at UNU-MERIT, and an assistant professor at Piri Reis University, Istanbul, Turkey. His research interest is mainly in regional disparities and public policy. He has published studies in Papers in Regional Science*, Region*, The Region and Trade* (Book), and a study on innovation in Global Policy and Governance*. Güney is also taking part in ongoing work on migration, and Eurasian economic integration.

Güney's research has been cited in studies published by the World Bank, the European Commission,  the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, and the Inter-American Development Bank.




Book Chapters:

  • Celbis, M. G., Nijkamp, P., and Poot, J. (2015). "Infrastructure and the international export performance of Turkish regions." in A. A. Batabyal and P. Nijkamp (eds), The Region and Trade: New Analytical Directions, World Scientific, pp. 319 - 350.


In Media:

  • Research Professional article about the study “Does too much work hamper innovation? Evidence for diminishing returns of work hours for patent grants.”


Working Papers:

Selected publications by Mehmet Guney Celbis