Dr. Lutz Krebs

Assistant Professor

Research group(s):
4. Governance and institutions

Lutz F. Krebs is a political scientist with a focus on international relations and conflict research. Having completed graduate degrees in economics, political science and humanitarian assistance, he focused on studying the impact of democratization processes on the likelihood of civil-war onset in ethnically heterogeneous countries as part of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research(NCCR) Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century. He has collaborated in the development of a new coding method for democratization periods and contributed to the launch of the peer-reviewed journal Living Reviews in Democracy. For his dissertation at ETH Zurich, Krebs has investigated the influence of political leaders on the likelihood of civil-war onset during democratization phases, challenging the theory of "elite manipulation" on the grounds that the theorized extensive influence of political leaders is unrealistic. As part of his second research focus, Krebs has published an edited volume of student studies on the functioning of actors in the global civil society.

Between 2010 and 2018, Krebs served as the education director for the M.Sc. program in Public Policy and Human Development offered jointly by United Nations University and Maastricht University. Since 2017, he is a member of the development team for the upcoming interdisciplinary B.A. program on Global Studies. He lectures at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (Maastricht University), Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (United Nations University) and University College Maastricht (Maastricht University), and provides supervision for bachelor, master and doctoral students.

Selected publications by Lutz Krebs