Iman Rajabzadeh


Research group(s):
2. Structural Change and Economic Development

Iman Research focus and interest primarily is on development and robustness in development path with a special focus on Developing Resource Rich Countries. 

As an affiliated PhD to UNU-MERIT his research is titled "Robust Growth in Resource Rich Countries". His M.Sc. was in Economic System Planning and Development (IUT University, Isfahan, Iran) held by the faculty of industrial engineering. He did his B.Sc. in Economic studies also in Iran.

Being active in quality management group during his master brought him more expertise and opportunities not only as an economist but also as a management consultant. 

He teaches various courses such as mathematical economics,  Input-Output studies,  economic development,  micro abs macro economics and etc..

He also has been consulting in various management projects focusing on productivity and performance efficiency.

Selected publications by Iman Rajabzadeh