Latest Publications

Milan, Andrea, 2016, Rural livelihoods, location and vulnerable environments: Approaches to migration in mountain areas of Latin America, PhD dissertation Maastricht University, More information

Brown, Alessio J. G., Britta Kohlbrecher, Christian Merkl & Dennis J. Snower, 2016, The effects of productivity and benefits on unemployment: Breaking the link, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-032

Guadagno, Francesca, 2016, The determinanths of industrialisation in developing countries, 1960-2005, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-031

Gassmann, Franziska & Lorena Zardo Trindade, 2016, The effect of means-tested social transfers on labour supply: heads versus spouses - An empirical analysis of work disincentives in the Kyrgyz Republic, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-030

Confraria, Hugo, Manuel Mira Godinho & Lili Wang, 2016, Determinants of citation impact: A comparative analysis of the Global South versus the Global North, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-029

Innocenti, Stefania & Robin Cowan, 2016, Mimetic behaviour and institutional persistence: A two-armed bandit experiment, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-028

Chongcharoentanawat, Patima, Kaleab Haile, Bart Kleine Deters, Tamara Kool & Victor Osei Kwadwo, 2016, The affordability of the Sustainable Development Goals: A myth or reality?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-027

Meschi, Elena, Erol Taymaz & Marco Vivarelli, 2016, Globalisation, technology and the labour market: A microeconometric analysis for Turkey, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-026

Ritzen, Jo & Klaus F. Zimmermann, 2016, Fading hope and the rise in inequality in the United States, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-025

Barnard, Helena, Robin Cowan, Alan Kirman & Moritz Müller, 2016, Including excluded groups: The slow racial transformation of the South African university system, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-024

Christopoulos, George & René Wintjes, 2016, A new indicator for innovation clusters, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-023

Scheerer, David, Zina Nimeh & Stefan Weinmann, 2016, Public policy and mental health: What we can learn from the HIV movement, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-022

Timuş, Natalia , Victor Cebotari & Anesa Hosein, 2016, Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies: Mapping Existing Provisions and Pathways, Journal of Contemporary European Research, 12(2), 653-668, More information

Goedhuys, Micheline & Leo Sleuwaegen, 2016, International standards certification, institutional voids and exports from developing country firms, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-021

Narula, Rajneesh & André Pineli, 2016, Multinational enterprises and economic development in host countries: What we know and what we don't know, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-020

Nikolova, Milena, Monica Roman & Klaus F. Zimmermann, 2016, Left behind but doing good? Civic engagement in two post-socialist countries, Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming, doi:10.1016/j.jce.2016.04.006, More information

Zimmermann, Klaus F., Apr 16, 2016, Diaspora Economics: Global Challenges and Perspectives, Symposium on “The Economics of Skin Tone, Gender, Ethnicity, and Diaspora“ at Middlebury College, More information

Kahanec, Martin & Klaus F. Zimmermann (eds.), 2016, Labor Migration, EU Enlargement, and the Great Recession, Springer, Heidelberg, 478 p, More information

Iizuka, Michiko, Pedro Roje & Valentina Vera, 2016, The Development of Salmon Aquaculture in Chile into an Internationally Competitive Industry: 1985–2007, in: Hosono, Akio, Iizuka, Michiko, Katz, Jorge (Eds.), Chile’s Salmon Industry Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods, Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp.75-107, More information

Iizuka, Michiko & Juan Pablo Zanlungo, 2016, Environmental Collapse and Institutional Restructuring: The Sanitary Crisis in the Chilean Salmon Industry, in: Hosono, Akio, Iizuka, Michiko, Katz, Jorge (Eds.), Chile’s Salmon Industry Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods, Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp109-135, More information

Iizuka, Michiko, Apr 2016, Transformation of Institutions: Crisis and Change in Institutions for Chilean Salmon Industry, in: Hosono, Akio, Iizuka, Michiko, Katz, Jorge (eds), Chile’s Salmon Industry:Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods, Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp. 137-174, More information

Gassmann, Franziska, Nyasha Tirivayi, Stephan Dietrich & Hanna Röth, Jan 2016, Estimation of Rates of Return (ROR) on Social Protection Investments in Lesotho, This report was written on behalf of UNICEF Lesotho (LRPS-KMA-2015-9118790) as part of a project funded by the European Union with technical support provided by UNICEF and implemented under the guidance of the Ministry of Social Development, 66, More information

Olivari Narea, Jocelyn, 2016, Entrepreneurial traits and innovation: Evidence from Chile, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University, More information

Shafique, Muhammad, 2016, Essays on the Role of Knowledge, R&D, and Technology-Based Firms in the Evolution of Socio-Techno-Economic System, PhD disseration Maastricht University / United Nations University, More information

Hosono, Akio, Michiko Iizuka & Jorge Katz (eds.), Apr 2016, Chile’s Salmon Industry Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 210pages, More information

Aboal, Diego & Ezequiel Tacsir, 2016, The impact of ex-ante subsidies to researchers on researchers' productivity: Evidence from a developing country, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-019

Waidler, Jennifer, Jessica Sabine Hagen-Zanker, Franziska Gassmann & Melissa Siegel, 2016, Do remittances and social assistance have different impacts on expenditure patterns of recipient households? The Moldovan Case, Migration and Development, DOI:10.1080/21632324.2016.1159887, More information

Bluhm, Richard, Denis de Crombrugghe & Adam Szirmai, 2016, The Dynamics of Stagnation: A Panel Analysis of the Onset and Continuation of Stagnation, Macro-Economic Dynamics, 20 (8), More information

Confraria, Hugo, Apr 08, 2016, Determinants of citation impact in Africa, Workshop "Science and development: Growth, expansion and role of the university system in South Africa”, Stellenbosch, April 2016

Bigsten, Arne, Mulu Gebreeyesus & Mans Soderbom, 2016, Tariffs and Firm Performance in Ethiopia, The Journal of Development Studies, DOI:10.1080/00220388.2016.1139691, More information

Mahé, Clotilde & Wim Naudé, 2016, Migration, occupation and education: Evidence from Ghana, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-018

Konte, Maty, 2016, The effects of remittances on support for democracy in Africa: Are remittances a curse or a blessing?, Journal of Comparative Economics, Available online March 2016, More information

Edsand, Hans-Erik, 2016, Technological Innovation Systems and the wider context: A framework for developing countries, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-017

Naudé, Wim, Adam Szirmai & Nobuya Haraguchi, 2016, Structural transformation in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS), UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-016

Bilgili, Özge, 2016, A new strategy: Coherent and complementary integration and development policies, Migration Policy Practice, Vol. VI, Number 1

Fransen, Sonja & Melissa Siegel, 2016, Diaspora Engagement Policies after Conflict: Burundi and Rwanda, in: D. Besharov and M. Lopez (Eds.), Adjusting to a World in Motion: Trends in Global Migration and Migration Policy, Oxford University Press, Boston

Zhong, Sheng, 2016, Structural decompositions of energy consumption, energy intensity, emissions and emission intensity - A sectoral perspective: empirical evidence from WIOD over 1995 to 2009, UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series 11/2015, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-015

Zhong, Sheng, 2016, The dynamics of vehicle energy efficiency: Evidence from the Massachusetts Vehicle Census, UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series 7/2016, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-014

Zhong, Sheng & Bart Verspagen, 2016, The role of technological trajectories in catching-up-based development: An application to energy efficiency technologies, UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series 6/2016, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-013

Gómez Soler, Silvia Consuelo, 2016, Educational achievement at schools: Assessing the effect of the civil conflict using a pseudo-panel of schools, International Journal of Educational Development, Volume 49, July 2016, Pages 91–106, More information

Bilgili, Özge & Silja Weyel, 2016, Diaspora Engagement Policies: A Comparison between the Turkish and Moroccan Case, in: D. Besharov and M. Lopez (Eds.), Adjusting to a World in Motion: Trends in Global Migration and Migration Policy, Oxford University Press, Boston

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Goedhuys, Micheline & Pierre Mohnen, 2016, Management standard certification and firm productivity: micro-evidence from Africa, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-012

McGregor, Elaine, 2016, Movement: A Global Civil Society Report on Progress and Impact for Migrants’ Rights and Development, Commissioned by the Migration and Development Civil Society Network (MADE), More information

Sanditov, Bulat & Saurabh Arora, 2016, Social network and private provision of public goods, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 26(1): 195-218, More information

Klosse, Saskia & Joan Muysken, 2016, Inclusive labour market: A role for a job guarantee scheme, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2016-011

Nour, Samia S. O. M., Mar 2016, Economic Systems of Innovation in the Arab Region, Palgrave Macmillan US, New York, 304, More information

Stel, Nora & Wim Naudé, 2016, Business in Genocide, in: Anderton, C.H. and Brauer, J. (eds), Economic Aspects of Genocides, Mass Atrocities, and their Prevention, Oxford University Press, Oxford, Chapter 25: pp. 591-621

Stel, Nora & Wim Naudé, 2016, Public-Private Entanglement: Entrepreneurship in Lebanon’s Hybrid Political Order, The Journal of Development Studies, 52(2): 254-268

Naudé, Wim, Thomas Gries & Stefan Jungblut , 2016, The Entrepreneurship Beveridge Curve, International Journal of Economic Theory, 12 (2): 1-11. June