Latest Publications

Kwasi Fosu, Augustin, Yoseph Yilma Getachew & Thomas Ziesemer, 2014, Optimal public investment, growth, and consumption: Fresh evidence from African countries, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-057

Bartekova, Eva, Sep 05, 2014, The Role of Rare Earths Supply Risk in Low Carbon Technologies Innovation, ERES 2014 - First European Rare Earth Resources Conference, 4-7 September 2014, Milos - Greece, More information

Arias Ortiz, Elena, Gustavo Crespi, Alejandro Rasteletti & Fernando Vargas, 2014, Productivity in services in Latin America and the Caribbean, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-056

Gault, Fred, 2014, Where are innovation indicators, and their applications, going?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-055

Iizuka, Michiko & Ajay Thutupalli, 2014, Globalization, the rise of biotechnology and catching up in agricultural innovation: The case of Bt technology in India, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-054

Guney Celbis, Mehmet & Serdar Turkeli, 2014, Does too much work hamper innovation? Evidence for diminishing returns of work hours for patent grants, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-053

Bresson, G., J.-M. Etienne & Pierre Mohnen, 2014, How important is innovation? A Bayesian factor-augmented productivity model on panel data, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-052

Loschmann, Craig, Melissa Siegel & Christopher R. Parsons, 2014, Does shelter assistance reduce poverty in Afghanistan?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-051

Ramani, Shyama V. & Vivekananda Mukherjee, 2014, Can breakthrough innovations serve the poor (bop) and create reputational (CSR) value? Indian case studies, Technovation, 34, 295-304

Ramani, Shyama V. , S.E. Reid & Jorge Niosi, 2014, Bionetworks vs nanonetworks: A comparison of diffusion rates of emerging technologies, International Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 13, Nos. 1/2/3, 90-104

Ramani, Shyama V. (ed.), 2014, Nanotechnology and Development: What’s in it for Emerging Countries?, Cambridge University Press, New Delhi, More information

Ramani, Shyama V. (ed.), 2014, Innovation in India: Combining Economic Growth with Inclusive Development, Cambridge University Press, UK, More information

Sonne, Lina, 2014, Mapping regional social enterprise ecosystems in India: Framework and indicators, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-050

Broich, Tobias & Adam Szirmai, 2014, China's economic embrace of Africa - An international comparative perspective, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-049

Escobar, D. A., Carlos Cadena Gaitan & F. J. Garcia, 2014, Accessibility analysis as an urban planning tool: Gas station location, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-048

Wang, Lili, Jojo Jacob & Zibiao Li, Jun 16, 2014, Funding for some, spills for others: Explaining the emergence of nanotechnology in Chinese regions, DRUID 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 16-18, 2014., More information

Foster-McGregor, Neil, 2014, Intellectual Property Rights and the Margins of International Trade, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 23/1, 1-30

Meijers, Huub, Önder Nomaler & Bart Verspagen, 2014, Demand, credit and macroeconomic dynamics: A microsimulation model, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-047

Foster-McGregor, Neil, A. Isaksen & Florian Kaulich, 2014, Outward Foreign Direct Investment, Exporting and Firm-Level Performance in sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Development Studies, 50/2, 244-257

Foster-McGregor, Neil, A. Isaksen & Florian Kaulich, 2014, Importing, Exporting and Performance in sub-Saharan African Manufacturing Firms, Review of World Economics, 150/2, 309-336

Vertesy, Daniel, 2014, Successive leadership changes in the regional jet industry, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-046

Rugadya, Margaret, 2014, Can Remittances influence the Tenure and Quality of Housing in Uganda?, PhD Dissertation, Maastricht University

Hercog, Metka, 2014, Highly skilled migration and new destination countries: How government policies shape destination choices, PhD Dissertation, Maastricht University

Agimi, Ilire, 2014, New governance under limited statehood: The case of local government reform in Kosovo, PhD dissertation, Maastricht University

Diallo, Fatoumata, 2014, Evaluation of Meal and Deworming Programs for Primary Schools in Rural Senegal, PhD Dissertation, Maastricht University

Naudé, Wim, Feb 2014, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, in: Bruce Currie-Alder, Ravi Kanbur, David M. Malone, and Rohinton Medhora, International Development: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects, OUP, Oxford, 976, More information

Wong, Pui-hang, 2014, Insurgents in motion: Counterinsurgency and insurgency relocation in Iraq, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-045

Fransen, Sonja & Katherine Kuschminder, 2014, Lessons Learned from Refugee Settlement Policies in Africa: A Case Study on Burundi's Rural Integrated Villages Approach, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Volume 33(1), pp. 59-67, More information

Fransen, Sonja & Valentina Mazzucato, 2014, Remittances and Household Wealth After Conflict: A Case Study on Urban Burundi, World Development, Volume 60, pp. 57-68, More information

Bas, Maria & Caroline Paunov, 2014, The unequal effect of India's industrial liberalization on firms' decision to innovate: Do business conditions matter?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-044

Bartekova, Eva, 2014, An introduction to the economics of rare earths, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-043

Lavopa, Alejandro, 2014, Catching up and lagging behind in a balance-of-payments-constrained dual economy, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-042

Rehm, Martin, Tobias Hölterhof, Richard Heinen, Gianna Scharnberg & Michael Kerres, Nov 07, 2014, Preparing in Isolation?! Sharing & Tagging Educational Resources Among Teachers, AECT 2014, Jacksonville, USA, 4 – 8 November, 2014

Rehm, Martin, Annabell Preussler, Michael Kerres & Ad Notten, Nov 07, 2014, #WhatsTheDifference? Comparing Hashtag Conversation on Twitter among Teachers, AECT 2014, Jacksonville, USA, 4 – 8 November, 2014

Rehm, Martin, Annabell Preussler, Michael Kerres & Ad Notten, Aug 28, 2014, Pebble-in-the-Pond?! Does a Hashtag Conversation on Twitter connect Teachers?, EARLI - SIG 14 (Learning and Professional Development), Oslo, Norway, 27 – 29 August, 2014

Rehm, Martin, Wim Gijselaers & Mien Segers, Jun 24, 2014, Unified Yet Separated - Empirical Study on the Impact of Hierarchical Positions within Communities of Learning, EdMedia 2014, Tampere, Finland, 23 – 37 June, 2014

Rehm, Martin, Richard Heinen & Gianna Scharnberg, Jun 05, 2014, Edutags – Social Bookmarking for Teachers: A German Case Study, EDiNEB 2014, Limerick, Ireland, 4 – 6 June, 2014

Rehm, Martin, Wim Gijselaers & Mien Segers, 2014, Effects of Hierarchical Levels on Social Network Structures within Communities of Learning, Frontline Learning Research, (In Press)

Rehm, Martin, Danielle Verstegen, Simon Beausaert, Wim Gijselaers & Mien Segers, 2014, De invloed van Hiërarchische Posities op Communities of Learning, Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, (In Press)

Bilgili, Ozge & Melissa Siegel, 2014, To return permanently or to return temporarily? Explaining migrants' intentions, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-041

Turkeli, Serdar & René Wintjes, 2014, Towards the societal system of innovation: The case of metropolitan areas in Europe, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-040

Juzwiak, Teressa, Elaine McGregor & Melissa Siegel, May 2014, Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: The Role of Cities and Businesses, This policy brief considers how businesses and governments in global cities contribute to the integration of migrant and refugee populations, either through outreach, specialized programmes, the provision of services, or targeted funding of non-government, 8, More information

McGregor, Elaine, Melissa Siegel, Nora Ragab & Teressa Juzwiak, 2014, A New Global Partnership for Development: Factoring in the Contribution of Migration, Migration Research Series No. 50 commissioned by the International Organisation for Migration, Geneva, Switzerland, More information

Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2014, The political economy of research and innovation in organic photovoltaics (OPV) in different world regions, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-039

Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. , 2014, Development Projects from the Inside Out: Project Logic, Organizational Practices and Human Autonomy, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 15:1, 79-98, More information

Maemir, Hibret & Thomas Ziesemer, 2014, Multinational production and trade in an endogenous growth model with heterogeneous firms, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-038

Buil, Carla & Melissa Siegel, 2014, Afghan unaccompanied minors in the Netherlands: Far away from home and protected?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-037

McGregor, Elaine, 2014, Executive Summary, Mid-Term Evaluation of Promoting Decent Work Across Borders: A Pilot Project for Migrant Health Professionals and Skilled Workers (INT/09/11/EEC), More information

Azomahou, Théophile T. & Daniel Opolot, 2014, Epsilon-stability and the speed of learning in network games, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-036

Azomahou, Théophile T. & Daniel Opolot, 2014, Stability and strategic diffusion in networks, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-035