Dr. Julieta Marotta

Deputy Academic Programme Director MPP

Research group(s):
2. Social Protection, Inclusive Innovation and Development
5. Innovation Systems Indicators and Policy
6. Migration and Development

Julieta Marotta is Deputy Academic Programme Director of the Master Public Policy and Human Development Programme (MPP). Julieta joined the PhD programme at Maastricht University/United Nations University in 2011 to develop her research interest in inclusive forms of access to justice and legal empowerment through empirical legal research. She holds an LLB degree from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and an LLM degree from Louisiana State University (US). Julieta is admitted to practise law in Argentina and has worked for law firms in Argentina and the US. Further, since recently she is a certified mediator by Tulane University (US) and Humboldt University (Germany). Julieta worked as coordinator for the Louisiana Civil Justice Center (US), was visiting scholar at the Institute for Foundation Law and the Law of Non-Profit Organizations at Bucerius Law School (Germany), and was an intern at UNESCO, Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Julieta Marotta is course coordinator and lecturer of Public Policy and coordinator of the specialization on Foreign Policy and Development. Julieta also tutored, lectured, and coordinated other courses for the MPP, for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, for the Faculty of Law, and for the Maastricht School of Management on topics related to qualitative methods and multilevel governance. In addition, Julieta works as academic advisor for University Colleague Maastricht and as coach for the Premium project at Maastricht University.  

Research interests

  • Public Interest Law

  • Access to Justice

  • Legal Empowerment

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Empirical Legal Research

Selected publications by Julieta Marotta