Parallel session I
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   I.1. Global dynamics and local development Venue: Gerbega
Chair: L. Krebs
  Bart Los
L. Cherubini
Regional Employment Patterns in a Globalizing World: A Tale of Four Italies  
  Francesca Guadagno   The Determinants of Firms’ Investments in the Manufacturing Sector: What Role for Macroeconomic Policies?  
  Tobias Broich A. Szirmai China’s Economic Embrace of Africa - An International Comparative Perspective  
  Juan Carlos Castillo G.J. de Vries Industrial Policy and the Domestic Content of Mexico’s Maquila Exports: A long-run perspective  
  I.2.Innovation in a global context Venue: Pegasus
Chair: F. Gassmann
  Michiko Iizuka A. Thutupalli Globalization, the rise of biotechnology and catching up in agricultural innovation: the case of Bt technology in India
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  Evans Mupela M. Chitiga-Mabugu,
P. Ngwenya & P. Zikhali
Poverty and Inequality in South Africa: Sharing the Cake
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  Lina Salanauskaite I. Marx & G. Verbist So Near and Yet So Far? Assessing the Role of Targeting on Progressivity of Social Transfers
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  Samyukta Bhupatiraju K. Farla Institutions and Innovation: relationships at the EU regional level
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  I.3. Topics in innovation economics I Venue: Sterrenzaal
Chair: H. Hollanders
  Nordine Es-Sadki   The academic use of CIS data  
  Matteo Grazzi C. Pietrobelli Enterprise Performance in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Micro Evidence
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  Alessandro Nuvolari C. MacLeod Not so patently obvious: Reappraising innovation and patents during the British Industrial Revolution
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  Abraham Garcia S. Akcomak & F. Santiago An exploration of what former UNU-MERIT PhD students are doing
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  I.4. Regional innovation systems Venue: Gramde Suisse
Chair: N. Foster
  Marjolein Caniels W. Ooms, C. Werker & H. van
den Bosch
Research Orientation and Agglomeration: Can Every Region Become a Silicon Valley?  
  Mehmet Guney Celbis Denis de Crombrugghe Can internet infrastructure help reduce regional disparities? Evidence from Turkey
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  Ben Dankbaar   Regional Policy in the European Union. Lessons for developing countries?
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  René Wintjes S. Türkeli Towards the societal system of innovation: The case of metropolitan areas in Europe