Parallel session V
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  5.1 Innovation and Trade Venue A0.23
Chair: T. Ziesemer
  Mario Negre   Pro-Poor Growth: An International Application of a Relative Index  
  Valeria Arza Diego Aboal;
Flavia Rovira
The Technological Content of Exports: A New Methodology  
  Thomas Ziesemer JS Zeigert Semi-endogenous growth with public factors, imported capital goods, and limited export demand  
  5.2 Structural change and Employment Venue A0.24
Chair: M. Iizuka
  Michiko Iizuka Yesuf Awel Productive and sustainable employment in Africa: from structural perspective with focus on agricultural sector  
  Martin Hud Bernhard Dachs;
Bettina Peters;
Christian Köhler
Employment Effects of Innovation over the Business Cycle: Firm-Level Evidence from European Countries  
  Tania Treibich Thomas Brenner;
Marco Capasso;
Matthias Dusch;
Koen Frenken
Causal relations between knowledge intensive business services and regional employment growth  
  5.3 Entrepreneurship and firm survival Venue A1.22
Chair: U. Rizzo
  Ugo Rizzo Davide Antonioli;
Laura Ramaciotti
The effect of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations on academics' entrepreneurial intention  
  Carolina Castaldi Matthijs Janssen Developing service-inclusive systemic policy: four approaches  
  Ferry Marin   Debt Relief, Tax Effort, and Fiscal Incentives - The Donkey and the Carrot Revisited