Parallel session IV
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  4.1 Networks and collaboration Venue A0.23
Chair: M. Kalthaus
  Francesco Rentocchini Pablo D'Este Simultaneous embeddedness in different networks and its effect on scientific knowledge generation: evidence from Spanish scientists  
  Kristina Fähnrich Matthias Mueller,;
Tobias Buchmann;
Muhamed Kudic
An agent-based simulation approach on knowledge diffusion efficiency in large-scale networks  
  Martin Kalthaus Holger Graf Collaboration Networks in Photovoltaic Research  
  Andrea Roventini Paolo Sgrignoli;
Mauro Napoletano;
Giorgio Fagiolo
Shock Diffusion in the European Production Network  
  4.2 Growth, development and technology transfer I Venue A0.24
Chair: N. Fukugawa
  Stefano Bianchini Pellegrino Gabriele;
Tamagni Federico
Innovation Strategies and Firm Growth: Longitudinal Evidence from Spanish Firms  
  Nobuya Fukugawa   Assessing technology transfer by local public technology centers in regional and sectoral innovation systems: Insights from patent data  
  André Lorentz Tommaso Ciarli;
M aria Savona;
Marco Valente
Structural Transformation and Cumulative Causation : Beyond the Technological Foundations of the Kaldor-Verdoorn Law  
  4.3 Growth, development and technology transfer II Venue A1.22
Chair: S. Kublina
  Dengjian Jin   The Limited Evolvability of Premodern Economy: A Cognitive and Evolutionary Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Great Divergence in Modern Economy  
  Paolo Zeppini   An evolutionary model of transitions to sustainable lifestyles  
  Sandra Kublina   Long term development patterns of regional industry diversity and its relation to growth  
  4.4 Technology transfer and firm capability Venue A1.23
Chair: M. Valente
  Martin Falk   The Impact of FDI Through Backward Linkages on Technological Innovations of Local Firms in Emerging Economies  
  Marco Valente Tommaso Ciarli The Complex Interactions between Economic Growth and Market Concentration in a Model of Structural Change  
  Jeff Alstott Giorgio Triulzi;
Bowen Yan;
Jianxi Luo
Normalizing Technology Networks Reveals the Innate Structure of the Technology Space