Parallel session III
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  3.1 R &D and innovation Venue A0.23
Chair: A. Vezzani
  Lorena Rivera Leon Robin Cowan;
Moritz Müller
Formation and persistence of research communities in Middle Income Countries: the case of South Africa  
  Susanne Hinzmann   Interdisciplinarity, R&D-Policy and Innovation  
  Sara Amoroso Mafini Dosso;
Pietro Moncada-Patrnó-Castello
The impact of skill endowments and trade unions on R&D greenfield FDI strategies  
  Antonio Vezzani Mafini Dosso Do Top R&D Investors go international to search for related or emerging technologies?  
  3.2 Modeling innovation dynamics Venue A0.24
Chair: F. Lamperti
  Karolina Safarzynska Jeroen van den Bergh A Macro-Evolutionary Model of the Joint Dynamics of Technology, Finance and Energy Systems  
  Andrea Roventini Mauro Napoletano;
Jean-Luc Gaffard
Fiscal multipliers and business cycles into an agent-based model with liquidity constraints  
  Francesco Lamperti Giovanni Dosi;
Mauro Napoletano;
Andrea Roventini;
Alessandro Sapio
Faraway, so close: an agent-based model for climate-change policies in high-end scenarios  
  Mattia Guerini Andrea Roventini;
Mauro Napoletano
One Model to Rule Them All: a Dynamic Stochastic General Disequilibrium Agent-Based Model  
  3.3 Technological change and innovation II Venue A1.22
Chair: T. Ciarli
  Tommaso Ciarli Ismael Rafols Mapping the evolution of research. The case of rice since the '80s  
  Guido Buenstorf Ann-Kathrin Blankenberg Regional co-evolution of firm population, innovation and public research? Evidence from the West German laser industry  
  Giorgio Triulzi   Engineering Trajectories, Ranking Of Design Problems And Catching-Up  
  Diego Aboal Ezequiel Tacsir Innovation and Productivity in Services and Manufacturing: The Role of ICT Investment  
  3.4 Industry and innovation policy Venue H0.06
Chair: M. Janssen
  Thomas Brenner Matthias Dorner The Industry Life Cycle - An Empirical Test for Germany  
  Mariano Mastrogiorgio Pierpaolo Andriani;
Ayfel Ali
Measuring Exaptation in the Pharmaceutical Industry  
  Lili Wang Mario Coccia;
Bart Verspagen
Analysis of the spatial dynamics of intra- v.s. inter- research collaborations across countries  
  Matthijs Janssen   Cross-specialization and structural holes: The case of the Dutch Topsectors  
  3.5 Transition and specialization Venue A1.23
Chair: E. Pugliese
  Simone Vannuccini Uwe Cantner Modeling Acquired Purposes  
  Elena M. Tur Paolo Zeppini;
Koen Frenken
Transitions, percolation and critical fragmentation: an evolutionary model  
  Francesco Quatraro Sandro Montresor Key Enabling Technologies and Smart Specialization Strategies. Regional evidence from European patent data.  
  Emanuele Pugliese Guido Chiarotti;
Andrea Zaccaria;
Luciano Pietronero
The Discernment of Heterogeneous Country Industrialization Patterns through Economic Complexity