Parallel session II
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  2.1 Innovation and economic dynamics I Venue A0.23
Chair: M. Abritta Moro
  Muhammad Ali Uwe Cantner Economic Diversification and Human Development in Europe  
  Florian Umlauf   Supporting the emergence of an oligarchic core: the case of the European innovation policy  
  Mariú Abritta Moro Maj Munch Andersen Industrial water management: An analysis of the European technologies  
  Jojo Jacob Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas;
Lili Wang;
Zibiao Li
Energy consumption and exports: An analysis of high-tech exporters in China  
  2.2. Knowledge dynamics Venue A0.24
Chair: N. Mathew
  Sandro Montresor Alberto Marzucchi Forms of knowledge and eco-innovative modes. Evidence from the Spanish PITEC  
  Nanditha Mathew Giovanni Dosi;
Marco Grazzi
Learning as a non-magical process: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing  
  Claudio Fassio   Export-led innovation. The role of export destinations  
  2.3. Innovation and Growth Venue A1.22
Chair: B. Jun
  Anilkumar Dave   Inclusive innovation or inclusive growth? The evolutionary dilemma  
  Bogang Jun   The analytical macroeconomic framework from a neo-Schumpeterian perspective: the expanded reproduction system  
  Debasmita Basak Arijit Mukherjee Price competition and the effects of labour union on process innovation  
  2.4. Technological change and innovation I Venue H0.06
Chair: A. Thutupalli
  Katja Guhr Muhamed Kudic Isolated but not alone - role of geographical distance in the evolution of technological trajectories  
  Johannes Herrmann Ivan Savin Evolution of the electricity market in Germany: Identifying policy implications by an agent-based model  
  Ajay Thutupalli   Technology paradigm shifts and sustainability: an application to agricultural production  
  2.5 Innovation and economic dynamics II Venue A1.23
Chair: A. Martinelli
  Arianna Martinelli Vito Amendolagine;
Elisa Giuliani;
Roberta Rabellotti
Emerging Market Multinationals Investing In Europe: How Does That Affect Their Innovative Performance?  
  Gaston Heimeriks Pierre-Alex Balland How smart is specialisation? An Analysis of Specialisation Patterns in Knowledge Production  
  Matthias Geissler Andreas Rehs Hitching or Niching? - Scientific re-orientation in the field of Economics after the German reunification  
  Floortje Alkemade Antoine Schoen;
Gaston Heimeriks;
Jean-Philippe Cointet;
Lionel Villard;
Patricia Laurens
The global technology map: tracking patterns of related and unrelated technological invention by multinational firms.