Parallel session I
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  1.1 Globalization and evolutionary change Venue A0.23
Chair: M. Savona
  Mark Knell
Structure and behaviour in global innovation networks  
  Sergio Petralia Pierre-Alex Balland;
Andrea Morrison
Climbing the Ladder of Technological Development  
  Maria Savona Javier Lopez Gonzalez;
Valentina Meliciani
When Linder Meets Hirschman: Inter-Industry Linkages And Global Value Chains In Business Services  
  Keiichiro Suenaga   The Emergence of New Industries: The Emergence and Evolution of Heat Engines  
  I.2. Economics of innovation Venue A0.24
Chair: I. Savin
  Florence Blandinieres François Perruchas;
Davide Consoli
A methodology to assess the unlinear medical innovation process. The example of Liposomes  
  Ivan Savin Uwe Cantner Replicator dynamics in value chains: explaining some puzzles of market selection  
  Marco Grazzi Daniele Moschella Small, young, and early exporters: New evidence on the determinants of firm growth  
  I.3. National innovation systems Venue A1.22
Chair: M. Verba
  Vitaliy Roud Leonid Gokhberg Capturing structural changes in national innovation system: longitudinal study of innovation modes in the Russian industry  
  Michael Verba   Explaining Country-Level Innovative Performance  
  Hugo Confraria Fernando Vargas Cuevas Scientific networks and collaborations with industry in Latin America  
  I.4. Innovation networks and industrial dynamics Venue A1.23
Chair: A. Sapio
  Stefan Töpfer Uwe Cantner;
Holger Graf
Structural dynamics of innovation networks in German Leading-Edge Clusters  
  Maria Enrica Virgillito Giovanni Dosi;
Marcelo Pereira
The footprint of evolutionary processes of learning and selection upon the statistical properties of industrial dynamics  
  Alessandro Sapio Valérie Revest The creation function of a junior listing venue: An empirical test on the Alternative Investment Market