Parallel session V
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  V.1. Globalization and Innovation systems Venue: Sterrenzaal
Chair: S. Ramani
  Eva Bartekova   Supply Disruption and Induced Innovation: The Role of Rare Earths Supply Risk in Low Carbon Technologies Innovation
  Saurabh Arora T. Ciarli &
S. Hielscher
Making innovation inclusive? Toward favourable ‘terms of inclusion’ for the poor
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  Tom Pogue P. Hilsenrath Origins of Technological Leadership in Natural Resource‐Based Sectors: Coal‐Based Synthetic Fuels and Cyanide‐Based Gold Extraction in South Africa
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  Robert Tijssen S. Grobbelaar &
M. Dijksterhuis
Universities and Inclusive Innovation: a fledging innovation system in the Western Cape Province of South Africa
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  V.2. Governance of development II Venue: Gerbega
Chair: N. Tirivayi
  Ilire Agimi   New governance under limited statehood: The case of local government reform in Kosovo
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  Yesuf Awel T. Azomahou Financial literacy or risk preference? Microdeterminants of index insurance demand
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  Richard Bluhm K. Thomsson Ethnic cleavages, institutions and the duration of economic slumps
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  Joyce De-Graft
  Civil War and Forced Migration: A Case of the Livelihood Strategies of Liberian Women Refugees in Ghana
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  V.3. Modeling innovation dynamics II Venue: Grande Suisse
Chair: J. Muysken
  Salih Çevikarslan   Research joint ventures in an R&D driven market with evolving consumer preferences: an evolutionary multi - agent based modeling approach
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  Witold Kwasnicki   Role of diversity and tolerance in economic development  
  Hibret Maemir T. Ziesemer Multinational production versus trade in an endogenous growth model with heterogeneous firms
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  Boris Le Hir P. Le Mouël ICT and intangibles: a new way in modelling innovation in the NEMESIS Model
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  V.4. Agricultural innovation and development Venue: Pegasus
Chair: T. Azomahou
  Daniel Dalohoun A.N. Honlonkou Toward a New Model of Agricultural Innovation: Enabling Entrepreneurial Based Agricultural Mechanization as an “Innovations Hub” in Benin Agriculture  
  Alexis Habiyaremye   The role of the adoption of sericulture in the poverty reduction strategy of Rwanda
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  Joni Jupesta B. Lakitan Inclusive Business Model for Indonesian Palm Oil Smallholders
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  Lilia Stubrin A. Marin &
P. van Zwanenberg
Developing capabilities in the seed industry: which direction to follow?
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