Parallel session IV
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  IV.1. Innovation policy in emerging and developing markets Venue: Sterrenzaal
Chair: F. Gault
  Shulin Gu   Institutional Entrepreneurship and Policy Learning in China
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  Bilal Mirza   Performance Analysis of Innovation Governance in Pakistan: Historical Inclination, Present Trends and Future Perspectives
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  Tanveer Naim   Addressing STI Challenges of the Gambia
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  Samia Nour   Overview of Knowledge Economy and Economic Structure in the Arab Region
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  IV.2. Governance of development I Venue: Pegasus
Chair: Z. Nimeh
  Victor Cebotari M. Siegel &
V. Mazzucato
Migration and School Performance of Children who stay Behind in Moldova and Georgia
  Craig Loschmann   The Long-Term Consequences of Conflict and Displacement: Measuring Differences in Education and Nutrition in Afghanistan
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  Sepideh Yousefzadeh   Proposing a multidimensional, multilevel approach to define child growth  
  Helmut Brand   How to reduce the Health Gap
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  IV.3. Modeling innovation dynamics I Venue: Grande Suisse
Chair: T. Ziesemer
  Nicolas Jonard R. Cowan &
R. Weehuizen
Organizational Design and the Complexity of Innovation Projects  
  Daniel Opolot T. Azomahou The evolution of social and technological innovation
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  Andreas Pyka P. Saviotti Innovation, Structural Change and Demand Evolution: Does Demand Saturate?
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  Andreas Reinstaller   A product space view on localised technological development and competitiveness
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  IV.4. An industry perspective on innovation Venue: Gergega
Chair: M. Goedhuys
  Semih Akcomak S. Bürken Mid-tech trap: The case of Turkish automotive industry
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  Josiane de Araújo Francelino L.M.S Urbina,
A.T. Furtado,
A.S. Cabral,
J.H de Sousa Damiani
Impacts of the Aircraft AM-X´s Acquisition Program (1982-1994) on Technological Capability of Brazilian Aeronautical Industry Leader
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  Eduardo Urias   Price negotiations of ARVs: Using game theory to explain the Brazilian Model
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  Daniel Vertesy   Successive Leadership Changes in the Regional Jet Industry