Parallel session III
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  III.1. Innovation in Europe and the world Venue: Grande Suisse
Chair: A. Szirmai
  Yannis Caloghirou   Delivering on the growth promise in the peripheral European countries: How can an “innovating out of the crisis” strategy work in Greece
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  Nicola Matteucci   Fostering broadband diffusion for growth and development: A comparative analysis of Italy and Brazil  
  Lili Wang   Mapping the research collaboration between China and EU 27  
  Anthony Bartzokas   Innovation financing, economic transition and international financial institutions  
  III.2. Development, gender and the family Venue: Pegasus
Chair: M. Siegel
  Ezequiel Tacsir   I'm sorry, miss: you've missed! Expectations on wages and career choice
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  Myriam Mariani K. Hoisl Gender, parenthood and the income gap in inventive jobs
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  Lorena Rivera Leon J. Mairesse,
R. Cowan,
M. Müller
Analysing the gender “productivity puzzle” in Middle Income Countries: the case of South Africa  
  Raquel Tsukada   The First Born Burden
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  III.3. Topics in innovation economics II Venue: Gergega
Chair: A. Arundel
  Stijn Bannier   Innovative Ageing: Co-Creation in Silver Markets
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  Aldo Geuna S. Shibayama Moving out of Academic research: Why scientists stop doing research?
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  Slavo Radosevic   Why do we need a theory of technology upgrading?
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  Florencia Barletta V. Castillo,
M. Pereira,
V Robert,
D. Suarez and
L. Tumini
The impact of training on wages and productivity: evidence from Argentinean SMEs
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  III.4. Innovation in Asia Venue: Sterrenzaal
Chair: M. Konte
  Mao Hao   Can Purchasing IP Service Effectively Sustain Innovation in China? A Study of Corporate IP Service Purchasing Behaviors
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  Jojo Jacob L. Wang & Z. Li Funding for some, spills for others: The spatial dimensions of nanotechnology development in China
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  Maureen McKelvey   Navigating Innovation Spaces in Asia
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  Lina Sonne   Social Innovation in India: It’s Like This Only
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