Parallel session II
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  II.1. Structural Change and economic growth Venue: Gerbega
Chair: G. Silverberg
  Neil Foster-McGregor   North-South FDI Flows and Bilateral Investment Treaties
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  Marcel Timmer X. Je Offshoring, Biased Technical Change and the Increasing Capital Share: an Analysis of Global Manufacturing Production  
  Alejandro Lavopa   Catching up and lagging behind in a balance-ofpayments-constrained dual economy
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  Rafael Saulo Marques Ribeiro G.T. Lima,
S.L. McCombie
Exchange rate, income distribution and technical change in a balance - of - payments constrained growth model
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  II.2. Innovation, networks and ICT Venue: Grande Suisse
Chair: R. Cowan
  Zakaria Babutsidze M. McCabe Superstar Incentives: collaborations, awards and their impact on the development of economic science
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  Florian Henning   Interoperability Governance in Government Information Networks – Investigating the Relationship of Governance Centralisation and Network Complexity
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  Francois Lafond   New perspectives on experience curves
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  Martin Rehm A. Preußler,
M. Kerres,
K. Bohle Carbonell &
A. Notten
#WhatsTheDifference? Comparing Hashtag Conversation on Twitter among Teachers
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  II.3. Innovation in firms Venue: Sterrenzaal
Chair: P. Mohnen
  Roberto Fontana L. Zirulia How far from the tree does the (good) apple fall? Spinout generation and the survival of high-tech firms
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  Jose Molero A. García Sánchez &
R. Rama
Foreign subsidiaries and local R&D cooperation. Are affiliated domestic firms part of the explanation?
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  Abraham Garcia   Funding for Innovation and its empirical effect on innovative performance of firms  
  Elad Harison   Exploring the Links between Design and Innovation: Evidence from Israeli Firms
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  II.4. Innovation and global changes Venue: Pegasus
Chair: M. van de Laar
  Ademola A. Adenle C. Stevens Assessment of technological innovation for climate change in developing countries: opportunities and challenges  
  Diego Aboala P. Garda Technological and Non-technological Innovation and Productivity in Services vis-a-vis Manufacturing
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  Kirsten Wiebe   Global diffusion of renewable energy technologies, consumption-based emissions and mitigation targets in a global climate change agreement
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  Britta Augsburg A. R. Lesmes Sanitation dynamics: toilet acquisition and its economic and social implications
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