Expanded Africa Sector Database (EASD), 1960-2015

The Expanded Africa Sector Database presents data on value added at current prices, value added at constant prices, price deflators and employment for 10 sectors of the economy in 18 African economies, from 1960 till 2015. The database builds on the Africa Sector Database (ASD) developed at the Groningen Growth and Development Centre. It adds data for seven additional African economies and presents updates and revises the time series for existing countries to 2015 using the newest revisions in African national accounts. The eighteen economies included in the database account for over 80 per cent of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa. For a detailed description of sources and methods used in the construction of the database, see:

  • Emmanuel Buadi Mensah and Adam Szirmai, Africa Sector Database (ASD): Expansion and Update, UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series, #2018-20
  • Mensah, E. B; Owusu, S; Foster-McGregor, N; and Szirmai, A (2018). “Structural Change, Productivity Growth and Labor Market Turbulence in Africa”. Forthcoming

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