Open Access Materials (SURF Project)

The SURF Project at UNU-MERIT / MGSoG was created with innovation and accessibility of the Institute’s outreach in mind. The project consists of two separate components, SMART Choices and SMART Tools, which are introduced below. Our project is co-financed by the Open and Online Education’ Incentive Scheme of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and SURF. All our toolkits are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0, which means that they can be viewed, distributed, and adapted freely if our authorship is acknowledged duly. We hope you will find them helpful and informative.


The Public Policy labour market increasingly demands multifunctional and interdisciplinary skill sets, as well as professionals able to use them. To help meet this demand, we developed SMART Tools – a set of open access online toolkits for students, alumni and anyone who wants to get acquainted with the skillset necessary for a career in Public Policy. SMART Tools offers a growing list of interactive toolkits, introducing methodologies and professional tools relevant for students and professionals in Public Policy and related disciplines.

SMART Choices

Our Institute offers a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development (MPP). Within this programme, students may choose a specialisation track from seven options. Because this decision is shaping the type of degree they will obtain, it is important to us that our students make their choice as well-informed as possible. Therefore we created SMART Choices, a group of seven short online-courses presenting the topics, structure, and teaching methods of the different specialisations. We hope that current MPP students will find these materials valuable in informing their specialisation decision. Moreover, prospective students, Alumni, and other individuals interested in the diverse field of public policy may find these materials useful.