I am not affiliated with UNU-MERIT or Maastricht University. Can I view the toolkits?
Yes, absolutely. All our toolkits are open-access and free of charge.

Do I need to pay for these online toolkits?
No, the use of SMART Tools is for free.

Can I share these toolkits with others?
Yes, you can share these toolkits with anyone as long as you acknowledge their source. All our toolkits are licensed under Creative Commons ASA 4.0 and their content is courtesy of UNU-MERIT/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance

I have completed the toolkit(s), now what?
Our toolkits are intended to introduce students to a given skillset. They are far from exhaustive and we encourage anyone interested in continuing their learning. Many links to external sources are given within the toolkits.

I have a question/remark about this. Whom can I contact?
If you still have questions or remarks, please email us directly.