International Social Protection Studies (ISPS)

The School of Governance has been a partner with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in the training on International Social Protection Studies (ISPS) since 2007. ISPS provides participants from Southeast Asia extensive training on social protection in German universities, including the Universities of Heidelberg and Greifswald, as well as at Maastricht University, NL. After completing the course module, participants engage in an internship and summarise what they have learned in a transfer project.

At the School of Governance participants follow two course modules on Social Protection and Health Policy. In their four-week programme, participants receive a course on Public Policy Analysis (by Drs. Sonila Tomini and Zina Nimeh, Maastricht University), Management Information Systems (by Dr. Gerrit Jan van het Eind, Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, and Florian Henning, Maastricht University), Actuarial Budgeting in Social Insurance (by Dr. Wolfgang Scholz, ILO) and Management in Social Protection (by Dr. Michael Stahl, Health Insurance Specialist). The participants’ stay at the School of Governance has shown to be of value for their understanding on social protection and their cultural experience.

For more information, please contact Dr. Mindel van de Laar, Programme Manager.