Research fellows

Fellows currently enrolled in the GPAC² programme reflect the international environment of UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance. Participants from developed European countries, the USA and Canada as well as less developed countries in Africa and Asia all take part in the programme.

Participants in this programme – policy analysts, professionals and consultants from the public and private sector – have jobs that allow them to spend a minimum amount of time on research activities that eventually lead to a PhD degree. Ideally, the employer of the participant supports the researcher actively by allocating time and facilitating research work (providing data, support, related assignments and the like).

UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance welcome fellows from a variety of backgrounds. The programme is open to fellows with a Master’s degree, strong academic records, professional or volunteer experience, affiliation with academic research and a special interest in policy analysis. The fellows come from both within the EU as well as from other continents and have a multidisciplinary background. The research interests as well as research experience of the fellows vary extensively.

As within the GPAC² training programme, application requirements not only include educational degrees, but very specifically relevant work experience and endorsement of the employer, the profile of GPAC² fellows is significantly different from the profile of full time PhD fellows. On average, our fellows are senior level employees or self-employed, aged between 35 and 60 and with work obligations and families at home.

Current GPAC² fellows

Alejandro Alvarez-Vanegas
Fernanda Assuncao Soares
Bernard Ayensu
Gloria Bernal
Mauricio Cespedes Quiroga
Maria Collazos Ortiz
Isabel de Bruin Cardoso
Erich de la Fuente
Paolo Carmine De Salvo
Daisy Demirag
Tenzin Dolker
Philip Drauz
Nicholas Echarti
Nasir El-Rufai
Maria Espinosa Romero
Faryaneh Fadaeiresketi
Marisa Foraci
Lotte Geunis
Valerio Giuffrida
Elizabeth Hassan
Dina Kamal
Jane Karonga
Michal Kazimierczak
Yayehyirad Kitaw
Anna Knoll
Martha Lahai-Conteh
Rafael Lemaitre Carabias
Ornsaran Pomme Manuamorn
Osvaldo Marinao Caceres
Renata Mayer Gukovas
Gillian McFarland
Ricardo Morel Berendson
Felipe Alberto Muñoz Navia
Stafford Nichols
Purity Njagi
Naomi Njeri
Casty Njoroge
Atsuko Okuda
Emery Kenroy Roach
Karol Rodriguez
Claudia Röthlisberger
Eliana Rubiano
Jacqueline Salguero-Huaman
Giulia Sechi
Yara Shawky Mohamed Abdelwahed
Emanuela Sirtori
Shellie Solomon
Lejla Sunagic