GPAC² Graduates

Abah, Joe, 2012, Strong Organisations in Weak States
Promotor(s): Friso den Hertog & Adele Jinadu

Caldron, Paul Henry, 2016, The Tacit Bargain in Short-Term Medical Missions: Why US Physicians Go and What It Costs
Promotor(s): Wim Groot, Milena Pavlova and Ann Impens

Cherrier, Cecile, 2016, The Expansion of Basic Social Protection in Low-income Countries: An analysis of foreign aid actors’ role in the emergence of social transfers in sub-Saharan Africa
Promotor(s): Michael Cichon & Franziska Gassmann

Conteh, Ibrahim, 2015, Natural Hazards and Education: The Impact of Floods on Primary School Education in Zambia
Promotor(s): Wim Naude and Georg Frerks

Copp, Derek, 2015, Teacher-based reactivity to provincial large-scale assessment in Canada, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University
Promotor(s): Jo Ritzen, Louis Volante and Jan van den Brakel

Gómez Soler, Silvia Consuelo, 2015, How Does Exposure to Civil Conflict Affect Human Capital Accumulation? Evidence from Standardized Exit Exams in Colombia, PhD dissertation Maastricht University
Promotor(s): Jaap Dronkers and Jorge Restrepo

Groen, Niels Peter, 2015, The never-ending project: understanding e-government project escalation, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University
Promotors: Philip Vergauwen and Brent Furneaux

Gyllensporre, Dennis, 2010, Competing and Complementarity Perspectives on the EU as a Crisis Actor – Management Actor An Examination of the Common Security and Defence Policy through the Lenses of Idealism and Realism
Promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Hakan Edstrom

Krieger, Yulia, 2014, Reshaping the big agenda: Transnational politics and domestic resistance: Financial crisis and social protection reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Promotor(s): Prof. Dr. Mark Bevir, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Wagenaar

Lada, Farida, 2016, On guarding the welfare of clinical trial subjects while promoting novel drug innovation
Promotors: Shyama Ramani and Aukje Mantel

Martina, Richard, 2016, Uncertainty and Resource Constraints in the Small Island Developing States: Essays in Entrepreneurial Cognition
promotor(s): Adam Szirmai & René Mauer

Milan, Andrea, 2016, Rural livelihoods, location and vulnerable environments: Approaches to migration in mountain areas of Latin America, PhD dissertation Maastricht University
Promotor(s): Ronald Skeldon, Melissa Siegel and Koko Warner

Popova, Natalia, 2016, Migration in the Periphery of the European Union: Determinants of Successful and Sustainable Labour Market Integration of Return Migrants in Albania, Egypt, Moldova and Tunisia
Promotor(s): Ronald Skeldon and Nevena Zhelyazkova

Rothier Bautzer, Luiz Henrique, 2016, Organizing concurrent engineering through ICT platforms – Blueprinting Product Lifecycle Management platforms across disciplinary agencies
Promotor(s): Harro van Lente and Antonio Cordella

Sfakianakis, Emmanouil, 2011, Private methods to evaluate public projects. Accounting and financial approaches to assess macroeconomic perspectives of public-private partnerships
Promotor(s): Bertrand Candelon, Jaap Bos and Mindel van de Laar

Vezzoli, Simona, 2015, Borders, independence and post-colonial ties: The role of the state in Caribbean migration, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University
Promotor(s): Hein de Haas and Melissa Siegel

Yousefzadeh, Sepideh, 2013, Childhoods Embargoed: constructing and reconstructing multidimensional child poverty in Iran
Promotor(s):Chris de Neubourg and Franziska Gassmann