Career prospects

The interdisciplinary approach of the Dual Career PhD programme in Governance and Policy Analysis gives graduates the skills to function as a professional in many challenging environments. However, as GPAC² fellows already are employed during the programme, they most often continue their employment or advance their career path after graduation.

How useful the PhD is for their career track depends really on the career track they started before enrollment. As researchers or university teachers, they will directly benefit in terms of opportunities open only to PhDs. People in research institutes will be more educated after obtaining their degrees, and the degree is an indication they are capable to develop and implement independent research. For policy workers, or people working for NGO’s the benefits are less easy to indicate, as each institute may value the PhD differently.

Fellows enrolled in GPAC² work for example as:

  • researchers
  • government staff
  • policy specialists
  • political analysts
  • politicians

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