Other PhD Alumni

name: Fatoumata Diallo
thesis: Evaluation of meal and deworming programs for primary schools in rural Senegal
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year: 2014
promotor(s): Théophile Azomahou, Wladimir Raymond & Abdoulaye Diagne
name: Suhail Sami Sultan
thesis: The Competitive Advantage of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: The Case of Jordan's Natural Stone Industry
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year: 2007
promotor(s): Luc Soete & Dragan Nikolik
name: Bas ter Weel
thesis: The computerization of the labour market
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year: 2002
promotor(s): Luc Soete
name: Marjolein Caniëls
thesis: Regional Growth Differentials: The Impact of Locally Bounded Knowledge Spillovers
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year: 1999
promotor(s): Luc Soete & Bart Verspagen
name: René Kemp
thesis: Environmental Policy and Technical Change. A Comparison of the Technological Impact of Policy Instrument
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year: 1995
promotor(s): Andries Nentjes & Luc Soete
name: Geert Duysters
thesis: The Evolution of Complex Industrial Systems. The Dynamics of Major IT Sectors
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year: 1995
promotor(s): John Hagedoorn
name: Huub Meijers
thesis: On the Diffusion of Technologies in a Vintage Framework. Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Results
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year: 1994
promotor(s): Joan Muysken & Adriaan van Zon
name: Bart Verspagen
thesis: Uneven Growth between Interdependent Economies. An Evolutionary View on Technology Gaps, Trade and Growth
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year: 1992
promotor(s): Luc Soete
name: John Hagedoorn
thesis: The Dynamic Analysis of Innovation and Diffusion. A Study in Process Control
year: 1988
promotor(s): Chris Freeman & Luc Soete