Dr. Alejandro Alvarez-Vanegas

Moving universities towards Education for Sustainable Development

Year: 2024

Shyama V. Ramani, Louis Volante and Carlos Cadena Gaitan


This doctoral dissertation delves into the pivotal role of universities in advancing Education for Sustainable Development in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal number four, related to education. It explores how universities can increase their contribution to Sustainability through community action-oriented pedagogies such as Service-Learning and capacity-building for university educators, aiming to cultivate sustainability competences among students and faculty. The research examines the theoretical benefits and challenges of Service-Learning implementation, evaluates its impact in the students’ action competence for sustainability, assesses educator preparedness, and explores the effectiveness of Massive Open Online Courses in promoting ESD among faculty. Findings underscore the importance of integrating active, community-oriented pedagogies and enhancing capacity-building for educators and to accelerate the transition of universities towards Education for Sustainable Development.

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