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Richard Martina

Thesis: Uncertainty and Resource Constraints in the Small Island Developing States: Essays in Entrepreneurial Cognition, 2016

Promotor(s): Adam Szirmai & René Mauer

Richard Martina is a global citizen, researcher, entrepreneur and thinker. He holds the position of an academic staff member at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics at the University of Curacao. He is also a doctoral research fellow in the Dual Career Training Program - Governance and Policy Analysis (GPAC2) at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (MGSoG) and the United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) at Maastricht University. The title of his dissertation is 'Uncertainty and Resource Constraints in the Small Island Developing States: Essays in Entrepreneurial Cognition'.

Richard's main research interests are entrepreneurial decision-making and its influence on the internationalisation process and disruptive innovations. Furthermore, Richard studies how entrepreneurs make decisions during the process of investing, and innovation systems of small island territories.

Richard's areas of teaching are entrepreneurship, innovation & service, and strategy & innovation. Furthermore, he is the founder and project leader of StudInc, an incubation program for students. Richard has experience with developing, coordinating and teaching courses at bachelor and master levels.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (University of the Netherlands Antilles), Master of Science in Strategy & Innovation (Maastricht University), and a Master of Arts in Science & Technology Studies (Maastricht University; Lund University).

Educational background

  • MA European Studies on Society, Science, and Technology (ESST), concentration in Science, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in Time and Space, 2007, Maastricht University,
  • Maastricht, the Netherlands/ Lund University (Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy-CIRCLE), Lund, Sweden
  • MSc International Business, concentration in Strategy & Innovation, 2005, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • BSc Business Administration, 2003, University of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao

Research Interest:
Main interest lies in the innovation process in high-tech entrepreneurial firms.

Research title:
Entrepreneurial strategies and the innovation process: coping mechanisms amidst uncertainties in the SIDS context.

Main research question:
How do entrepreneurs in SIDS cope with the uncertainties that are present in the innovation process?

History has shown the importance of entrepreneurship in technological advancements and economic development. Entrepreneurial actors' through a creative and uncertainty laden process innovate within the economic system. A review of the entrepreneurship, decision-making and innovation studies literature shows that in doing this the entrepreneurs are influenced by contextual factors. However, an under researched area is how entrepreneurs in the SIDS context cope with uncertainties in the innovation process. SIDS have a unique context due to its characteristics (isolated and small markets, limited range of local skills, limited natural endowments and access to capital markets, brain drain, weak institutions and governance, dependency on foreign aid and export revenues, fragile and open economies, and natural vulnerability) that presents several unique challenges for entrepreneurs. Subsequently entrepreneurial behavior and strategies (mechanisms) entrepreneurs use to cope with uncertainties in the SIDS context is different. This project studies this matter by using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to present recommendation for innovation policies.



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