Alumni profile

Margaret Rugadya

Thesis: Can Remittances Influence the Tenure and Quality of Housing?, 2014

Promotor(s): Chrs de Neubourg, Edward Kirura & James Mackie

Education Background
Masters of Arts Degree in Sociology and three post graduate Diplomas in Management, Legislative Drafting and Urban Land Management.

Research Interest
Impact of Migrant’s Remittances on Land and Housing policies for urban areas in developing countries and incentives offered by such Land and Hosing policies for investment compared to other investment alternatives.

Previous Experience
I have experience in development policy analysis (within national development frameworks and sector-wide approaches); design and conduct of (action, analytical and evaluative) research on tenure and property rights as related to; Land Tenure Reform (Legal and Policy), Land Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Resettlement and Restitution (Internally Displaced Persons, Minority Groups), Human Settlement and Urbanization, Livelihoods and Institutional Development.

I am a strong advocate of property rights for vulnerable and marginalized groups (gender, pastoralists, ethnic minorities and HIV/AIDS). I have been actively involved in the formulation of Uganda’s National Land Policy; as a draftspersons, consultant and coordinating input from the academia into the policy process. As a trainer, I have participated in the design of training courses and materials on natural resource management and undertaken extensive research on land and natural resources in resettlement and return of IDPs as a consultant for UNDP/UN-Habitat and the World Bank.

Geographic Experience
Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa and Kenya

  • Margaret A. Rugadya, Eddie Nsamba-Gayiiya and Kamusiime Herbert (2008), Northern Uganda Land Study: Analysis of Post Conflict Land Policy and Land Administration: a Survey of IDP Return and Resettlement, Issues and Lessons: Teso, Acholi and Lango Regions. For the World Bank, to input into the Northern Uganda Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) and the Draft National Land Policy, Available on-line: World Bank and Oxfam Websites
  • Margaret A. Rugadya (2006), Balancing Conservation and Pastoral Land Use in Uganda Prepared on the basis of desk review of conservation and pastoral development in Uganda with specific examples from Uganda’s cattle corridor, Published under WISP programme of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, Nairobi). Available on-line: IUCN Website
  • Margaret A. Rugadya (2006) Situation Analysis for Slum Upgrading in Kampala City Council, Prepared on basis of research in two communities of Kinawattaka and Kagugube under the “Cities with Slums Programme”, Published by UN HABITAT. Available on-line: UN-Habitat Website
  • Margaret A. Rugadya and Kamusiime Herbert (2004), ‘Integrating HIV/AIDS in the Land Reform Process in Uganda’ Part of the Land Research Series for Associates for Development. The publication reviews the efforts of the Land sector in responding to the impacts of HIV/AIDS and recommends policy actions. Published by Associates for Development Available on Oxfam Land Rights Website
  • Margaret Rugadya – Eds (2002) Gender perspectives in the Land Reform Process in Uganda, a compendium of experiences and analysis of the process for integrating gender in the formulation of Uganda’s Land law. Published by the Uganda Land Alliance ISBN: 9970810-01-0

Selected publications by Margaret Rugadya