Alumni profile

Luciana Cingolani

Thesis: Bureaucracies for Development: Oxymoron or Reality? Studies on State Capacity in challenging governance contexts, 2014

Promotor(s): Thomas Christiansen and Kaj Thomsson

Educational background
Luciana first obtained a political science degree from Buenos Aires University, and later completed an MPhil in public policies at San Andres University, funded by the Argentine National Research Council (CONICET).

Professional background
She has experience working for local governments, both as practitioner and consultant, and has also contributed to the work of UNDP in strengthening democratic governance processes in Latin America. In addition, she has worked for two London-based political consultancies, on issues including political risk analysis and public affairs. Currently, Luciana is pursuing her Phd in the framework of the Institutional Profiles Database project sponsored by the French Development Agency (AFD). Luciana is also a member of the alumni network of the Ronald Coase Institute in Washington, D.C.

Research interests
Luciana does research on the role of institutions and governance in development, by using both econometric and comparative in-depth methodologies. She focuses on the political economy of administrative reform and capacity building for policymaking, as well as anti-corruption and accountability devices in neopatrimonial settings.


"Minding Weber more than ever? The impacts of State Capacity and Bureaucratic Autonomy on development goals" with Kaj Thomsson and Denis de Crombrugghe (2013 forthcoming). UNU-Merit Working paper series.

"The State of State Capacity: a review of concepts, evidence and measures" with Kaj Thomsson and Denis de Crombrugghe (2013 forthcoming). UNU-Merit Working paper series.

"Techniques for Dealing with Reverse Causality between Institutions and Economic Performance" with Denis de Crombrugghe (2012). UNU-Merit Working paper series 2012-37.

"Exploring the Panel Components of the Institutional Profi les Database (IPD)" with Denis de Crombrugghe (2012). UNU-Merit Working paper series 2012-34.

“El Estado Liquido: Discusiones sobre la volatilidad de las politicas publicas y evidencias de Argentina y Brasil (1995-2006)” America Latina Hoy.

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Selected publications by Luciana Cingolani