Alumni profile

Jasmin Kientzel

Thesis: Determinants of Professional Commitment to Environmental Sustainability, 2015

Promotor(s): Gerjo Kok & Mindel van de Laar

Educational background
December 2006, MA International Management/ MBA, University of North Florida
August 2008 MRes International Business Management, Ecole de Management, Strasbourg University

Main Research Question
To what extend do behavioral factors influence decision-makers to adopt Voluntary Environmental Programs (VEPs)?

Description of Dissertation Topic
The aim of this research project is to investigate in which ways public policy tools in the field of sustainable development can influence corporate decision- making processes and behavior. The research project aims to investigate  the adoption of Voluntary Environmental Programs (VEPs).

In my dissertation I focus on several aspects on VEP adoption within the building and manufacturing industries such as individual and organizational aspects of pro-environmental decisions and behavior, network participation and the adoption of environmental technologies. I use both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate professional decisions to adopt sustainable construction practices, implement energy-efficient technologies and incorporate them in sustainable procurement tenders.

Research interests:
- Environmental policy, law and management
- Conservation psychology
- Public participation
- Decision-making and behavior in organizational contexts
- Technology acceptance, Human-Technology interaction



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