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Ilire Agimi

Thesis: New governance under limited statehood: The case of local government reform in Kosovo, 2014

Promotor(s): Luc Soete

Educational background
2006 – Master in Peace and Security Studies. Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies, Hamburg, Germany.
2005 – BA in Political Science and Public Administration. University of Prishtina, Kosovo.

Professional background
Policy Analyst - USAID Effective Municipalities Initiative, Kosovo (2007-09)
Lecturer – Prishtina University, Master on Civil Society & Local Development (2008-09)
Researcher - Kosovo Institute for Policy Research and Development (2006-07)

Research title:
International strategies and domestic responses: Statebuilding implications for local governance

Main research question:
What (f)actors determine international statebuilding impact on local governance?

In analysis of post-conflict democratization, local governance and its diverse set of actors are often omitted as a factor in the trajectory of democratization. Local governance is vital to reestablish the presence of the state, to ensure stability and strengthen institutions. Building on theories of democratization, my research looks into the dynamics of contemporary statebuilding from a local perspective analyzing the interaction between international and domestic actors involved in this process. Using a process tracing method the research highlights the conditions under which International Administration policies unfold and their importance in the course of transition. The research focuses on the lengthy and highly intrusive international administrations in Kosovo.


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