Curriculum Vitae

(EU format – work bio, selected project management/research)


Wendy Kirsten Hansen


Researcher, Knowledge and Industrial Dynamics, UNU-Maastricht Economic Research Institute for Innovation and Technology (MERIT), the Netherlands. .




Summary of experience:

Specialization of research and experience

·         Measurement and analyses of human resources in science and technology (HRST) and related policies (education, immigration/emigration, labour market, science, technology and innovation) at the international level (including ERA, North America, Asia).

·         Research on flows and economic activities of HRST including human capital production and flows and their links in the innovation system, S&T indicators for social growth and economy.

·         International expert/delegate on projects/committees with policy anchors including the EU (DG-RTD and DG-Enterprise), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Government of Canada, the National Science Foundation (U.S.), the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.).


1997 to present: Knowledge and Industrial Dynamics, UNU-Maastricht Economic Research Institute for Innovation and Technology (MERIT), the Netherlands.

·      I joined MERIT to continue my research on knowledge workers and innovation and technology. My activities have drawn me into a range of active policy areas including knowledge workers, S&T, R&D, innovation and Information Society. While at MERIT my work focuses on human capital and technology and innovation and includes:

o   Knowledge workers in S&T and innovation;

o   Human capital and economy;

o   Horizontal S&T and related policy (e.g. immigration, mobility, funding).

Research, project and management activities are provided on pages 2-3.

2010-2011, Advisor, Secretary General, the National Research Council, Canada.

·         Provide analytic, research and policy support on an ad hoc basis.

·         Engage international science, technology and innovation experts to develop knowledge transfer and socio-economic measures, explore publications and citation data to develop indicators of domestic and international collaboration of NRC researchers and flows of knowledge characteristics.

2000-2003, Research fellow, Institute of Infonomics (Heerlen NL)

·         Research on new measures for linkages between knowledge workers and IT and specific measures and policies for a digitized society. Research includes SMEs and the Internet, comparisons of North America and Europe work force transition, IT research mobility, impact of convergence of consumer electronics on employment.


·         Senior policy analyst, human resources in S&T; portfolios of Global Information Society and Economy, Science and Technology Directorate, Strategic Policy of Industry and Science Policy Sector, Department of Industry, Government of Canada.

o   Provide strategic advice, producing technical and analytic reports, contributing to briefing notes and other policy initiatives for senior management, Office of the Minister and high profile activities including G-7, G-8 and NAFTA meetings and government-wide S&T reviews of activities and funding.

o   Work with Senior Officials of domestic and international departments to move S&T and human capital agenda forward.

o   Invited contributor to EU-DG(RTD) working committees on HRST and related science, technology and innovation indicators and policies, and Eurostat working groups on HRST and related data and indicator development.

o    Contributing author to the OECD Frascatti Manual on the Measurement of Human Resources in Science and Technology.

o   Expert reviewer of 1st European S&T Indicators Report.

o   Member of Canada Council of Professional Engineering; President of local Union for Economists and Statisticians.


Research Officer, Projections and Analysis, Division of Post Secondary Education, Bureau of Statistics, Government of Canada.

Selected research activities

Project manager/contract researcher: Analysis of researcher careers and implementation of new data collection activities (RESCAR), ERAWATCH network, IPTS and DG Research, (329.600€)(2007).

Contract researcher: Analysis of publicly funded research programmes in view to assess and increase their impact on innovation (IMPLORE), Canada case study (2007).

Contract researcher: Knowledge Economy Indicators: Development of Innovative and Reliable Indicator Systems, funded by Sixth Framework Programme Priority 8: Policy Oriented Research (2005-2007);

Contract researcher: Monitoring and analysis of policies and public financing instruments conducive to higher levels of R&D investments (POLICYMIX), DG Research, (2006-2007).

Project Manager/contract researcher: S&T Linkage Indicators, DG Research, Open Tender, (96.000€)(2006-2007).

Contract researcher: Economic impact of open source software on innovation and competitiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the EU (FLOSSPOL), DG Enterprise, (2006).

Project manager/contract researcher: Policies for Human Resources, ERAWATCH NETWORK (POHR), IPTS, Seville Spain and DG Research, (108.550€)(2006-2007).

Contract researcher: Sectoral innovation in Europe Monitoring, Analysing Trends and Identifying Challenges (SYSTEMATIC), DG Enterprise, (2006-2008).

Contract researcher: Feasibility of Indicators of Researchers’ Mobility and Career Paths, ERAWATCH research network (2005-2006).

Project manager/contract researcher: Mapping surveys and other data sources on industrial R&D in the EU-25 countries, IPTS and European Commission (110.000€) (2004).

Contract researcher, European Network on Research Mobility, (2000-2004).

Contract researcher: Research Investment Policy Watch, Monitoring National Policy Developments Related to the Barcelona Targets, IPTS and DG Enterprise, 2003.

Project Manager/contract researcher: Flows of qualified researchers and scientists, DG Research, (540.000€)(1999-2003).

Selected research output - publications/reports

International Study on the Status of Women in Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics: What We Know and What We Need To Know to Increase the Advancement of Women, Chapter 4: Knowledge and Data Sources, funding by National Science Foundation (U.S.) and National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) (forthcoming 2012/13).

Delanghe, Muldur and Soete eds, European Science and Technology Policy, Towards Integration or Fragmentation, The European Research Area and Human Resources, pgs. 237-255, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., 2009.

Avveduto S. and Hansen W.,Careers of Doctorate Holders — Building Comparability at the International Level, Discussion Paper, OECD, 2005.

Hansen, W., Overview of International Research Investment Policy: The case of Canada, Working paper for IRIM, 2005.

Hansen, W., Flows of Qualified European Scientists and Engineers to the United States, report for Brain Drain Project, DG Research 2004.

Hansen W., Striking a New Path for Measurement for Flows of European Scientists and Engineers, DG Research, 2004.

Hansen W., International Mobility of Scientists and Engineers — Some Issues and Implications, October 2003, working paper for ENMOB, IPTS.

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