The hashtag for the conference is #sdafrica2015  
Parallel session I: Agriculture, Innovation and Food Security
  Chair: Selma Karuaihe
Venue: Salle Chef de délégation
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  Awotide Bola
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  Does Seed Certification Impact Smallholder Farmers’ Allocative Efficiency and Willingness-to-Pay For Certified Improved Rice Seed? Evidence from Nigeria  

Buno Barbier

  Economic and Environmental Performances of Organic Farming System Compared to Conventional Farming System: A Case Farm Model to Simulate the Horticultural Sector of The Niayes Region in Senegal  
  Selma Karuaihe
Human Science Research Council (HSRC)
  Ensuring Environmental Sustainability for Africa: Lessons from MDG 7 and Transition to the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)