The hashtag for the conference is #sdafrica2015  
Panel session 2.2: New Growth and Poverty Alleviation Strategies for Africa - Institutional and Local Perspectives
Institute for World Economics and International Management (IWIM)
  Chair: Achim Gutowski, IWIM, University of Bremen
Venue: C05-06
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  Fatou Cisse
  Do firms learn by exporting or learn to export ? Evidence from Senegalese manufacturing firms  
  Tobias Broich
  China’s Economic Embrace of Africa - An International Comparative Perspective  
  Achim Gutowski
IWIM, University of Bremen
  Poverty Alleviation Strategies and Institutional Development - Lessons from Country Cases in Africa  
  Tobias Broich
  Precolonial Centralization, Foreign Aid and Modern State Capacity in Africa