The hashtag for the conference is #sdafrica2015  
Panel session 1.3: Food security and Climate Change in Africa
Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
  Chair: Marco D'Errico, FAO
Venue: Salon Saint-Louis
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  Silvio Daidone
Benjamin Davis,
Paul Winters
  Productive Impacts of Social Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa  
  Emiliano Magrini
Cristian Morales Opazo
Jean Baliè
  Price Shocks, Volatility and Household Welfare in SSA: A Cross-Country Inquiry  
  Solomon Asfaw
Nancy Mccarthy
Romina Cavatassi
Adriana Paolantonio
Mulubrhan Amare Leslie Lipper
  Diversification, Climate Risk and Vulnerability to Poverty: Evidence from Rural Malawi  
  Rebecca Pietrelli
Marco D'Errico
Karolina Kozlowska
Stefania Di Giuseppe
  Resilience, Consumption and Malnutrition in Mali