The motivations, organisation and outcomes of university-industry interaction in the Netherlands

Isabel Bodas Freitas & Bart Verspagen


This paper aims at analysing the impact of institutional and organizational factors on bridging industrial and university motivations for collaboration, as well as on the content, management and outcome of this relationship, in the Netherlands. In particular, we explore which type of projects, set up under specific industrial and university motivations, are more likely to face institutional barriers related to technology, market and organisational incentives frameworks. Moreover, we analyse the impact of technology transfer offices, research sponsoring, part-time professorships, and patenting on aligning university and industry motivations towards collaboration. To proceed empirically, thirty in-depth cases of successful university-industry knowledge transfer are analysed.

Keywords: university-industry interaction, innovation cooperation. JEL codes: O31, O32.

UNU-MERIT Working Papers ISSN 1871-9872

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