Russia's emerging multinationals: trends and issues

Sergey Filippov


The paper focuses on the emergence of Russia's multinational companies. It aims to analyse their motives to internationalise as well as the approaches to internationalisation. While relevance of the theoretical perspectives is highlighted, the intention of the paper is to contribute to the understanding of the present-day phenomenon of emerging Russian multinationals; a phenomenon that has been largely overshadowed by the remarkable rise of Chinese and Indian companies. A special attention is devoted to the R&D activities of Russian multinational companies, and access to foreign technology as a driver of corporate restructuring. A discussion of the challenges and opportunities for host countries and policy implications is provided.

Keywords: Russia, multinational companies, emerging economies, foreign investment

JEL codes: F21, F23, L21, O32

UNU-MERIT Working Papers ISSN 1871-9872

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