Changing Configuration of Alternative Energy Systems

Radhika Perrot & Lynn K. Mytelka


Recent and rampant regulatory changes for sustainable development are seeking to transform current energy systems towards cleaner and greener forms of energy sources. In this scenario, alternative energy technologies are considered the building blocks towards this transformed energy system. This chapter will show how the alternative energy market since the 1970s changed, in response to external oil price shocks and to other selective pressures and institutions. It will observe that the configuration of the market has been changing since 1970s, in terms of firm-composition, size and types of technologies considered in the green energy mix. It will further provide three explanations explaining why there are changes between firms, policies and these energy technologies. These three processes are considered important in determining technological innovation among firms in clean and green energy technologies.

Key words: Renewable energy technologies, firm competition, nature of technologies, energy technologies

JEL codes: O19, O13, N70, Q01, Q55

UNU-MERIT Working Papers ISSN 1871-9872

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