Master’s in Public Policy and Human Development at UNU: More than just a degree

UNU-MERIT (the United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology), located in the Netherlands, offers an internationally renowned Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development (in partnership with Maastricht University).

The cultural diversity of our students (coming from all continents and various academic and cultural backgrounds) results in a stimulating blend, where students not only learn from their teachers but also from one another. Furthermore, we encourage our students to play an active role in their education, using the Problem-Based Learning system. 


More than just a qualification, this unique double-degree programme is about personal growth and career development:

🌟  Employability Track designed to assist the next generation of leaders of social change in developing their own professional plan
👥  1-on-1 meetings with a mentor
💼  Access to career fairs
🇺🇳  Information about international opportunities at the UN
👩‍🏫  Workshops on presentation skills and other soft skills

Both UNU-MERIT and Maastricht University share the values of diversity, cooperation and good governance, with the understanding that education is a key factor contributing to those values. Based in the vibrant, student-friendly Dutch city of Maastricht, this course – with its unique connection to the UN network – is the ideal choice to help you achieve your educational, personal development and career goals. 


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